Magic of the Paddle

I live by the water, where the paddle is part of life (above). Kayaking and canoeing are ingrained in Canadian culture. Paddles have many uses here: as decoration in homes, as national symbols and especially as icons in the art of our indigenous communities.

Paddles painted with family crests at the Haida village of Skidegate, B.C.

I love to paddle, and do it frequently. There is no better way to chase the waves and get outdoors. Our family has spent memorable time paddling, including in Alaska, and our children are expert canoeists and kayakers.

Some of my most joyous moments have been on the water, especially in the beautiful places you just couldn’t get to without a paddle.

I’ve written before about the magic of paddling.  See those posts on the main Canadian Art Junkie site:

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This post is for today’s Word of the Day Challenge, Paddle and the Ragtag Daily Prompt, chase.

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