This is how you dressed for . . .

This is what you wore for university tug of war in 1915, one of dozens of images in the Oregon State University archives that showcase late 19th and early 20th Century clothing in the northwest U.S. (Click on any image to enlarge)

To pick hops in Meyer’s Hop Yard, it was long skirts (undated). OSU is in the city of Corvallis, south of Portland, in the middle of a significant hop growing area that has fed Oregon’s beer brewing industry since the turn of the century.

Speaking of brews, the caption for this obviously enjoyable get together says “Picnickers enjoying food and drink, including Weinhard beer.”

This is what you wore to hike in 1911. Note the man in the bowler and bow tie, the professor perhaps?

And to swim: “Mr. Cameron and children, Harlan Williams, Arthur Jones, Thelma Jones, and Ray Williams, swimming.” (circa 1917, not everyone identified)

This how you dressed to walk your dogs and cow (1909).

For luxury camping, it was dresses and jackets in the woods (circa 1900).

Two Men Boating on the Santiam River of course wore ties (circa 1920).

Then there were the school clothes, no fashion snobbery here.

Starting nursery school in 1915.

Pupils of School Dist. No. 164, Lane County, Oregon, 1912-1913

High School, 1914.

All images are from Oregon State University archives, here.

And on Flickr, here.

(My favourite outfit: High School, front row, third from the left,  but there are also some great outfits in the hiking picture, not including the bowler and bow tie)

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