Kitchens: Vintage or Retro?

A handful of kitchens from the House Beautiful archives of the 1950s, are paired with today’s similar retro versions. Actually, you shouldn’t have much trouble deciding which of these kitchens are vintage.

It’s the aqua and the shape of the fridge in these two. (Dick Oatts, here)

Lots of wood, architectural detail and non-traditional counter tops mark both the original and the modern design (Houzz). Below, the pink and the lines of the cabinets are both key features.

The concepts for these two kitchens with fireplaces (below) are the same, but today’s kitchens are so much bigger. Even so, House Beautiful identified the 1961 kitchen as large enough to entertain in.

Here are the links to the House Beautiful kitchens.

1950s, here.

1960s, here.

Also, utterly unappetizing food from the past, here.



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