Mid Century French Sculptural Tables

This rare dining furniture was highly sought after from the late 1960s. The glass tops sat over bronze or brass sculptures of Ibex or other horned animals. They were the work of (or created in the style of) Alain Chervet, a French designer born in 1944.  Now, the tables are valuable, and often up for auction. (Above: original Chervet table, $33,582)  Oh the glamour:  this was a photo shoot for Architectural Digest India.


An assortment of horns.

Most Alain Chervet tables were for dining, but some were lower to the ground, for cocktails. They came in many creatures, like this python from Contemporary Showroom in the Netherlands.

A Chervet coffee table today. Below: a dining table in a contemorary   townhome.
Alain Chervet’s other art and sculpture on ArtNet, here.

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