Mundane Monday – Crop

A few miles from my home on a back road last spring

For a few weeks in spring, the area where I live is hemmed on all sides by fields of exquisite, swaying yellow Canola – the creation of a Canadian plant scientist. The power of the colour is one of nature’s  treats, and the sprawling tracts of blooming flowers look like a storybook carpet to me.

Close up, public domain

Canola (contraction of Canadian and oil or ‘ola’) has only been around since the 1970s but is now the third most widely used oil in the world, after soybean and palm. Canola (a derivative of rapeseed) has much to recommend it (including use as a bio-fuel).  But my focus has always been its stunning, calming beauty.  Watch this 90 seconds by an Alberta videographer.


I don’t know who else gets excited about a farmer’s field, but I did when I saw that the Mundane Monday #200 prompt was crop.  The challenge is hosted by Dr. Ko over at

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  1. drkottaway

    I like this very much! I was thinking of that sort of crop as well. I’ve taken one train trip from Edmonds, WA to Chicago and back. The miles of fields rolling by and racing down the mountains at night on the train were really gorgeous. Thank you for joining in!

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