Travel Theme: Balls

Lyon, France provided several delights – bubbles on the water and a ball-shaped sculpture. The  Flower Tree Sculpture, by Korean pop artist Choi Jeong Hwa, was created as a temporary installation for a contemporary art festival in 2003. But it was so popular with residents of this French city it became a permanent sculpture beside the Rhône. The stainless steel bouquet of 85 flowers is 6 metres (almost 20 feet) tall.

These hard-case bubbles were in a shallow fountain in the main shopping square of Lyon. I don’t know what they celebrated, or who the artist or designer was, because although I read French, there was no info except inside the balls. (I wasn’t going wading.) The objects, whatever their purpose, beautifully reflected the images of the buildings surrounding them.

This post is for Travel Theme: Balls hosted by Ailsa Prideaux-Mooney on Where’s My Backpack. (First time I’ve participated in this great challenge. Thank you Ailsa)

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