Door: Church of St. Pierre

The elaborate carvings on this solid walnut door date to 1551 and show the Virgin and the Angel of Annunciation. This is the Church of St. Pierre, built in the 1300s, one of dozens of churches in Avignon, where the Pope’s Palace, largest castle in Europe, housed thousands of clergy. Many of them felt it necessary to build and consecrate their own separate places of worship, and this is actually one of the smaller entries. 

The interior of this church is more restrained than most of the flamboyant Gothic churches in Avignon, perhaps because the beautiful wood everywhere subdues the ambience.  It’s a very soothing place, and I could have rested in a pew for hours, just absorbing the wonderful juxtaposition of cold stone, warm panels and tastefully gilded altar.

This post is for Norm’s Thursday Doors. And you can see lots more doors from other bloggers, here.

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  1. jesh stg

    An exquisite sculpted door! I notice the sculpted standing woman’s (?) smile on the right. Surprising to me, since most faces in the Middle Ages are without expression! When I saw the title immediately the French children’s song Sur le pond d’Avignon, on y dance.. came to mind.

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