#A to Z: Wye Marsh

That’s Cedar Tea on the tray, part of a Maple Syrup festival last month at the Wye Marsh National Wildlife Area about an hour from where I live on South Georgian Bay.  It’s a significant, protected wetland, crossed by woodland trails, marsh board walks and canoe routes through the cattails on a 300-acre lake.

It was a cold, grey day and the area felt desolate, although soon it will bloom with new growth and brim with wildlife. We had a delicious taste of maple taffy (made in snow) and roasted bannock over an open fire (see the bannock post here).  We will be back in a few months for one of the guided canoe trips through the marsh.

This post is for the #AtoZ challenge, Letter W

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    1. J Walters

      The recipe is so-o-o-o simple, as it had to be for coureur des bois and settlers in the wilderness. If there are kids who might be interested, make the dough, roll it into a long snake shape, wind it on the kind of stick you’d use for marshmallows and roast it on a fire. Exquisite tasting.

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    1. J Walters

      Yes, really looking forward to a paddle. This area is full of places I’ve been yearning to explore, but never got to living in the city. Now that we’re up here,there are so many easy-to-reach destinations that make local travel so inviting.

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