Earth II: Belogradchik Rock Formations

The Belogradchik rock formations are over 200 million years old and remind us of the mysteries of the earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, they’re on the western slope of the Balkan Mountains, about an hour’s drive inland from the Danube River town of Vidin, Bulgaria.

Romans built a fortress here between the first and third centuries. This site was reconstructed and enlarged in 1805-1837 and it has been preserved in this form.

For millions of years nature has molded these rock sculptures of mythical creatures, people, animals and different objects. The prevailing reddish color of the rocks is due to the ferrous oxides and hydroxides.

For the Weekly Word Press Photo Challenge: Earth

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  1. risabuzatova

    Belogradchik is a great place for a short hike with dramatic views from the top. I only wish that the municipality had done a better job with the signage so that more could be learned about both the geological, archeological, and cultural significance of the site.

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    1. J Walters

      That’s such a good point. We had a guide (we took a group tour) but you’re right there’s not much there to explain the fascinating geological background (or the legends that abound) Still, one of the most fascinating natural places I’ve been.

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