#A to Z: Quiet Nest Palace

This soothing garden is on the grounds of Quiet Nest Palace, in Balchik, Bulgaria, overlooking the Black Sea.  The palace was built as the summer home of Queen Marie of Romania in 1926 while that country still held the region.

The palace, an Italianate villa, is interesting, but not the main event. Visitors come for the botanical gardens, spread across brick walkways and staircases on the cliff above.

Roman pottery, brickwork and iron railings and gates surround streams that cross the garden’s multi-level terraces to become waterfalls. The remains of a watermill, a winery and a chapel are also part of the 700,000 sq ft gardens.

The gardens, known for their unique collection of exotic cactus, have a beautiful cliffside view over the medieval resort town of Balchik on the Black Sea.

This post is for the #A to Z Challenge: Letter Q.

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  1. risabuzatova

    My husband and I found Queen Marie’s palace complex beautiful and serene. Our children, however, took no interest in the history or architecture, but raced along the winding stone steps and alleys leading to glorious views of the Black Sea, posed for each other in the large stone throne outside what was once the seamstress building, wet still-shod feet in various ponds and small canals, thought about what great bubble baths they could take in Queen Marie’s main residence large bathtub, and stood in front of her enormous mirror, somewhat streaked and foggy, but still suitable for preening. Queen Marie not being a modest sort surely preened there herself.

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