#A to Z: Night Mural

Night brings a different perspective. This huge building covered in trompe l’oeil paintings is a visual feast in daylight (see the image below).  But it wasn’t until night fell and the spotlights came on that I noticed the cameraman perched on the corner of the building in Lyon, France.

This post is for the #A to Z Challenge: Letter N.

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Lyon is known for its dozens of mega-murals.

This one covers an entire building, and depicts 31 famous people (dead and living) from the Lyonnais area, such as Le Pétit Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the Lumière brothers who were pioneers of the cinema, and Paul Bocuse, one of Lyon’s most celebrated chefs. The painting marks Lyon’s history. See more about the city’s murals here.

(Photo Credit: Daylight image – CitéCréation)



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