Prison records: Kingston 1913

The prisoner ledgers for Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario are filled with details of criminal life in the early 1900s.  These four went to jail in August, 1913 at a time when conditions at the penitentiary were especially harsh.


Kingston Pen closed in 2013 after 178 brutal years. The men on this rap sheet were not representative of the notorious criminals who dominated the jail.  From top to bottom:

  • F636: Joseph Henry, a lumberjack, escaped from another prison (apparently with the aid of a police constable), then tried to obtain the services of a young girl for “immoral purposes.” He got three years for procuring.
  • F637: Career criminal Anthony Bell entered penitentiary with scars on his forehead and upper lip, a burn on his instep, the tip of his left forefinger missing, and a cowgirl tattoo on his right forearm.  A painter and miner by trade, he got six years for burglary and escaping from jail.
  • F638:  Cecil McAllister, a stationery engineer from Sheffield, England, was sent to Kingston to serve three years for bigamy.
  • F639:  In Canada six months, labourer William Atkinson was convicted of burglary, sentenced to two years for stealing, then deported to England in March, 1914.



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